Sombra® Cares

Sombra® Wellness Products is pleased to announce the launch of Sombra® CARES, our philanthropic community engagement program.

Sombra® Wellness Products were created out of care. Our company has extended that care to the people we serve and the quality of their lives ever since our founding. From ingredients to powerful results, we truly do take pride in what goes into our products and what you get out of them—and we’re proud to continue this initiative with the launch of Sombra® CARES.

Sombra® CARES is a philanthropic and community engagement program dedicated to caring for underserved populations. Like our CARES acronym—community, assistance, relationships, education, and sustainability—our initiatives will focus on serving individuals and families within these communities, providing them with the information, resources, and support they need to lead better, healthier, and more sustainable lives. To achieve the Sombra® CARES mission, we partner with our internal Sombra® Green Team and other organizations to:

C – Serve our communities A – Provide them with assistance R – Build lasting, supportive relationships E – Educate them on how to improve lifestyle and wellness choices S – And encourage environmental sustainability

So when you choose Sombra® Wellness Products, you’re not only enhancing your life, but the lives of others. Sombra® thanks you for your support, and encourages you to show a little CARE today.

We want to say THANK YOU to all the firefighters for your tireless, relentless hard work in suppressing these fires throughout our state.

#Sombra4NM has donated $16,464.00 in Sombra® Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer to the New Mexico Fire Relief Food & Supply Drive.


A few of our Sombra® staff members went out to Tome Elementary & Albuquerque's School on Wheels during "teacher appreciation week" and handed out our Sombra® Hand Care Kits to their staff. A huge thank you to all teachers & educational staff members for all that they do for our students & communities.