Natural Pain Relief Made Simple

Warm Therapy

Say goodbye to chronic aches and pains with Sombra® Original Warm Therapy Natural Pain Relieving Gels! Our alcohol-free, non-greasy formula with a revitalizing citrus scent is great for relieving sore muscles and joints. Perfect to warm up your muscles before a workout or to wind down and ease sore joints at the end of a long day!

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Cool Therapy

Give your body serious pain relief without freezing or irritation, all with Sombra® Original Cool Therapy Natural Pain Relieving Gels! The refreshing lemon scent and quick absorption formula make it easy to cool down after an intense workout, or ease the tenderness of strains and bruises.

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Massage Therapy

Free of any artificial fragrances or irritating chemicals, Sombra® Therapeutic Massage Lotion and Massage Crème offer a natural, soothing way to provide ultimate relief. Whether you’re using for deep tissue massage or for gentle massage techniques, choose the natural way to heal—with Sombra®!

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Hand Sanitizer

Disinfect and protect with Sombra® hand sanitizer! The same natural ingredients you’ve come to love in Sombra® Pain-Relieving Gels are used to create an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that kills 99% of germs, bacteria, and infections. Infused with vitamins and antibacterial elements, our hand sanitizer naturally disinfects and moisturizes hands—keeping you safe and healthy!

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Clinically Recommended and Trusted

At Sombra®, there’s nothing more important to us than quality. We believe that true healing starts with the type of products you use, which is why the Sombra® line is proudly manufactured in our own facility, ensuring we have utmost control over quality. With no harsh chemicals and no animal testing or by-products, certified health professionals feel confident using and recommending Sombra® to their patients and clients, and everyone from athletes to weekend warriors love having a natural way to relieve their aches and pains!

Relief for
Every Day

Whether you sit or stand all day for work, Cool Therapy provides you with the relief you need to tackle headaches, back pain, foot and leg pain, and the day ahead.

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Made for professionals – trusted by professionals. When you want to offer your patients or clients fast-acting, soothing pain relief, choose Sombra®!

Relief Wherever
You Are

With easy to carry sizes and roll-on tubes, Sombra® makes it easy to get Warm or Cool relief no matter where you are or what you’re doing!

Your Game

Take your workouts, training, and sports practice to the next level with Sombra® products! Our pain relief gels work hard so you can work harder!

Made With Natural Ingredients

Sombra is an integral part of my chiropractic adjustments, especially in the athletic world I participate in. Love the way the original gel maintains warmth in the muscle with its deep penetrating heat and the calming relief the cool therapy provides for inflammation and swelling after the workout or event.Jeffrey Poplarski, D.C., CCSP® - 2013 US OPEN Golf Championship Wellness Team Chairman, Sports & Family Chiropractic

As a sports medicine professional, I have worked with numerous warm and cool therapy products. Sombra seems to work best with our athletes when integrated into the pre-workout routine. Sombra is a great product for both our athletes and clinicians!Jill Wosmek, MA, ATC - Women's Head Athletic Trainer, USA Volleyball

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From our Warm and Cool Therapy Natural Pain Relieving Gel 3 oz roll-ons to 1 gallon pumps of our Therapeutic Massage Lotion, view all the Sombra® products here!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering what sizes we have available or where you can purchase our products? Browse our frequently asked questions here or give us a call if you can’t find what you’re looking for!

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