The Sample Pack that Keeps Them Coming Back! The Sombra® Gravity Dispenser Boxes are available in both the original WARM therapy and COOL therapy. The Sombra® dispenser boxes include 100 individual 5 gram sample packets, which you can give out to your current or potential patients/clients.

These individual sized sample applications have proven repeatedly to be the best marketing tool around so stock-up today. Please notify your patients that each packet is 2-3 uses. Once your patients have tried the original Sombra® Pain Relieving Gels they will surely be back for more.

We also include a postcard in the dispenser boxes that can be returned to us for 100 FREE personalized brochures and an additional 100 FREE 5 gm sample packets ($45 value). The Sombra® Gravity Dispenser Boxes are only available for health care professional offices. Purchase through your preferred Sombra® distributor!