Sombra® PLUS CBD WPR and CPR 4 oz. Jars 2000 mg – Mixed Case of 4

Mixed Case  – Each retail size case will be 2 Sombra® PLUS CBD Warm Pain Relief (WPR) and 2 Sombra® PLUS CBD Cool Pain Relief (CPR)

  • Ultimate CBD Purity, Consistency and Predictability
  • Third-Party lab test to ensure 100% purity
  • Non-habit forming or mind altering
  • Simple and reliable dosing
  • Available in both WARM and COOL Therapy
  • CBD Isolate avoids entourage side effects
  • Available in 1000 & 2000 mg
  • Hand crafted in the USA at our own facility

The original Sombra® Warm Pain Relief is one of the leading topical analgesics in the market today. Sombra® Warm Pain Relief is recommend prior to exercise to expedite your warming up process and minimize injuries. It is also great for chronic conditions and basic aches and pains, the gel, which has a refreshing orange-citrus aroma to it, is a perfect complement to your practice.

The original Sombra® Cool Pain Relief provides controlled cooling without freezing or irritation. It also relieves pain from acute conditions or injuries that have just occurred. Reach for Sombra® Cool Pain Relief when you hear “I sprained my ankle” or “I twisted my knee.” It offers relief for recent shoulder pain and for sore feet from standing or walking all day.

Sombra ® Cool Pain Relief is recommended after exercise to expedite your recovery time and minimize sore, tired muscles.

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