Hand Care Kit

The Sombra® Story... In 1974, we began a small operation with a dream of making the best possible cosmetics and skin care products. As the company grew, we became a global pioneer in based therapeutic products, particularly our pain relieving gels.

As one of the few truly independent USA manufacturers and formulators, Sombra® proudly remains a family-owned company that is engaged in serving our communities. In response to the public health needs during these trying times, we decided to re-formulate and bring back our Sombra® Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer, an original Sombra® favorite, as part of the 3-product Sombra® Hand Care Kit.

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A gentle, non-drying antibacterial cleanser with a potassium cocoate soap that is derived from coconut oil.

Featuring 65% alcohol to sanitize the skin against bacteria and viruses. Enhanced with barrier supporting moisturizers and antioxidants to refresh and  revitalize the skin.

A light, soothing, skin protective blend of Vitamin E, Aloe, Triglycerides, and Yucca Root to deliver extraordinary hydration and antioxidant.