Private Label

There are several aspects that contribute to the success of your brand—the product, ingredients, process, etc.—and each of these must be perfectly planned and executed in order to deliver a high-quality, trusted product. For years, the Sombra® brand has led the industry in manufacturing natural products, and now we’re ready to help you take yours to the next level!

We’re committed to your success and put our expertise to work for you, your business, and your product! From a controlled environment and natural ingredients to high standards and consistency, we’ll guide you in developing a quality product and brand that tons of people will love. Take pride in your product—with Sombra!

  • Pain Relieving Gels
  • Pain Relieving Gels with CBD
  • Massage Therapeutic Lotion
  • Massage Creme
  • Hand Sanitizer Gel
  • Hand Sanitizer Spray

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